Affiliated Workers Association

The Affiliated Workers Association is a non-profit organization of small business owners, self-employed individuals, independent contractors and entrepreneurs from across the nation. For more than 20 years, the Affiliated Workers Association has been committed to empowering its members with the tools and benefits they need to succeed in their personal and business endeavors. Premier Health Solutions, LLC. works with the AWA to research, review and deliver industry-leading benefits and customer service excellence for its members.

Commitment to Excellence Empowers Affiliated Workers

The Affiliated Workers Association (AWA) was founded in 2001 to address the need for comprehensive resources to support the diverse and rapidly growing universe of self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners across the United States. As companies aggressively cut costs, shifted their business models and shed jobs by the thousands, many American workers found themselves without employer-paid benefits. In addition, self-employed consultants, entrepreneurs, contractors and other small business workers lacked access to traditional company benefits and savings perks – or the clout to obtain them on their own.

Key Challenges: Adding and Better Serving Members

As the association built its member base and reputation, it gained greater insight into the needs of its current and prospective members. But its leadership team recognized that it needed expert assistance to achieve several key objectives:

  • Boost membership growth
  • Improve member retention
  • Continually add and refine member benefits
  • Expand resources to help members grow their businesses

The association needed help in four critical areas: programs and tools aimed at membership growth and retention; access to competitive, valuable benefits, including insurance; and administrative transparency and strategic focus. But, rather than deal with multiple providers and piecemeal solutions, the AWA wanted a single point of contact who could seamlessly provide a comprehensive solution.

Premier Health Solutions Rises to the Top

As the AWA investigated administrators in 2016, Premier Health Solutions became the clear solution. With their commitment to customer service excellence and researching industry-leading benefits, it is one of the rare administrators that offers the full spectrum of administrative and marketing services: product management and servicing, comprehensive member support, carrier and agent relations, and sophisticated marketing programs.

"From the outset, we were impressed with Premier Health Solutions as the optimal partner for our association in terms of the scope of its services and the strength of its commitment to excellent member service," says AWA Board President Neil Peterson.

As a leader in the supplemental insurance market, Premier Health Solutions already served the self-employed segment and individuals in transition. With years of experience working with associations and their specialized needs, Premier Health Solutions could seamlessly transition into the role of partner and administrator. This was very important to the association, as it wanted to provide more specialized resources to support its members' small businesses.

A Partnership with Results

By partnering with Premier Health Solutions, the association continues to make progress toward its key objectives. Over the past six years, the membership base has experienced true growth by investing in the key benefits recommended by Premier Health Solutions, at a competitive price to retain existing members and attract new ones.

Premier Health Solutions’ knowledge and leadership in the insurance industry also allows AWA to offer their small business members the opportunity to provide insurance benefits to their employees, a critical success factor in the small business world. With flexible solutions like supplemental health insurance and life insurance, AWA members have access to benefits that typically are only available through an employer.

Raising the customer service bar

Members are receiving tangibly greater levels of customer service with Premier Health Solutions as the AWA's benefits administrator. For example, calls to AWA's Member Services line are answered in less than one minute, and representatives work to answer questions and resolve any issues on the first call, without rushing members. Additionally, a customer service team that act as champions for members with challenging issues has been key to maintaining member satisfaction.

With regular member surveys to poll the effectiveness and value of their membership, AWA shares with Premier Health Solutions intelligence on the new benefits that customers desire to stay on the cutting-edge of market demand. By working together as partners, AWA and Premier Health Solutions help each other to new heights of success.

Health Depot Association

The Health Depot Association is a national association of more than 25,000 self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs and independent contractors in more than 40 states and countless industries and professions. For more than 10 years, the Health Depot Association has been dedicated to providing its members with benefits and resources designed to help its members across many different life stages. As the exclusive provider of third party administration services, Premier Health Solutions, LLC. works with Health Depot to provide valuable, industry-leading benefits and dedicated customer service.

Commitment to Health Education

The Health Depot Association was founded in 2012 to create an education platform for United States health consumers. As information about health and wellness became pervasive across the Internet, the association recognized a need to help consumers research and gain access to legitimate health resources, benefits and discounts otherwise unavailable. With the shifting economy, many Americans have lost their employer paid benefits, so finding access to affordable benefits and savings is now a priority.

Key Challenges: Growing the Membership Base

The association sought assistance in three crucial areas: member-focused administration; access to top-quality benefits, including insurance plans; and proven marketing capabilities to grow its membership base. But, rather than deal with multiple providers and piecemeal solutions, Health Depot wanted an exclusive relationship with a single business partner who could provide a turnkey solution.

Premier Health Solutions Answers the Call

As Health Depot reviewed administrators with the industry knowledge needed, Premier Health Solutions rose to the top of the list. It is one of few administrators that offers the full spectrum of administrative and marketing services: product management and servicing, comprehensive member support, carrier and agent relations, and targeted marketing programs.

"Premier Health Solutions provided the full-service option we needed to achieve our goals," says Health Depot Association Board President Doug Abbott. "Their many areas of expertise and their ability to deliver higher-caliber benefits have translated into solid membership growth for the Health Depot Association."

As a leader at the forefront of the supplemental insurance market, Premier Health Solutions already works to make health insurance more accessible to individuals and families who can’t afford traditional major medical plans or who carry a high deductible plan. So, its highly experienced team brought a unique understanding of the marketplace, as well as Health Depot’s core membership and their evolving needs.

A Valuable Ally Makes a Measurable Impact

As a result of its relationship with Premier Health Solutions, the association has made major strides toward its original goals. Over the past three years, the membership base has increased more than 200 percent. Because of Premier Health Solutions’ industry leadership and purchasing leverage, Health Depot members are obtaining benefits at prices far below what individuals could obtain on their own. Premier Health Solutions has connected Health Depot and its members to a broader range of meaningful benefits, services and discounts. It has used its market savvy and group buying power to negotiate the deepest discounts and obtain the best pricing on behalf of Health Depot members. Premier Health Solutions also has equipped Health Depot to become a more valuable health and wellness partner to members, connecting them to research and resources.

The extensive knowledge of Premier Health Solutions’ insurance professionals and its access to industry-leading, A-rated insurance carriers has enabled the Health Depot to offer its members maximum value and flexibility in supplemental health insurance plans. It is providing critical access to the health care system for individuals and families who otherwise would not have coverage except through an employer.

What's more, Premier Health Solutions’ expertise in managing and monitoring insurance products has meant remarkably few rate increases on members' policies since the partnership began. At the same time, it has provided profitable member management for all parties – the association, the insurance carriers, other benefit providers, and Premier Health Solutions. Health Depot and Premier Health Solutions are truly partners in each other's success.

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