Without travel insurance, those unexpected emergencies, trip cancellations or unforeseen medical expenses can result in significant financial burdens and stress. A solution to protect our members and their travel investment fits perfectly in the Premier Health Solutions product portfolio.

Partner for Success

Premier Health Solutions and TME Travel Insurance have partnered to offer a competitive solution for members making travel plans. TME Travel Insurance plans are underwritten by A+-rated Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

TME Travel Insurance provides:

  • Comprehensive Trip Protection Plans
  • Emergency Medical and Evacuation Plans
  • Evacuation Only Plans

Prepare for Travel Emergencies

TME Travel Insurance are pleased to offer members an opportunity to protect your travel investment ahead of your trip.

The unexpected can happen, and that’s why TME Travel provides comprehensive travel insurance coverage that protects the cost of your trip should it be canceled or interrupted, as well as emergency medical expenses, emergency evacuation, trip delay (including eligible quarantine expenses), lost baggage, plus many other benefits and assistance services.

You can book your trips and travel with confidence knowing if the unexpected happens before your trip, on your trip, or while returning home, you’re protected. These plans are designed for today’s traveler, where an infectious disease is covered as any other illness.

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Find Out More About Travel Insurance

We partner with industry leaders to offer the highest quality benefits and resources to our members.

After careful review, only the benefits that provide the best value and solve a key issue our members may be handling will be provided. Knowing that our members are on the road frequently for business and pleasure makes partnering with TME Travel Insurance a strategic choice.

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