What does Premier Health Solutions do?

We connect your organization with affordable and custom-fit healthcare plans for today's families.

Many of our business insurance products can work as primary or supplemental plans. Your members can choose from products like short-term health insurance or term life insurance. They come with additional benefits to further reduce your member's out-of-pockets costs. These may include prescription discount programs or telemedicine appointments.

We go beyond that, too.

With our experience in all aspects of insurance management services, we can take on many of the time intensive back office tasks for you. Your members will have an easy enrollment process. We host a secure online member portal. There, they'll be able to make payments by credit card or ACH draft. They'll also be able to look up their benefits information.

They'll be able to contact our customer service team with their questions. And, they'll benefit from our educational materials about their benefits and additional products that could help them. We'll monitor this feedback, and how they're using their products, and send that information to you.

You'll always know how our programs are affecting your bottom line and how you could improve them for your members. All the while, you can focus on growing your business and membership base.

Mission Statement:

Premier Health Solutions is dedicated to offering innovative benefits management and administration services that make it easy for our clients to provide best-in-class benefits to the individuals they serve. From the careful selection of quality products offered by highly-respected carriers to pricing, enrollment and administration functions, we provide organizations with a turnkey solution that offers unsurpassed value while meeting all of their dynamic benefit needs.

Leadership Team

The Premier Health Solutions leadership team harnesses deep insurance and financial expertise, solid business acumen, strategic insights and entrepreneurial integrity. With a unique combination of skill sets and backgrounds, the leadership team understands the complexities of a fluid and ever changing marketplace.

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The agents that work with Premier Health Solutions consult with prospective members to find out what health solution would best meet their needs. These licensed agents can provide access to major medical, supplemental, term life and other key insurance solutions.

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Our core values drive every business interaction.

Premier Health Solutions was built upon the comprehensive industry expertise of our leadership team, as well as a strong foundation of core values that drive everything we do. Not only do we uphold these values in every business interaction, we also expect our carriers and corporate partners to meet these same high standards. As a result, we work with only industry-leading organizations that have proven their ability to deliver on these same promises.


The healthcare and insurance industries are changing rapidly and many organizations are spending incredible amounts of resources and energy trying to keep pace. Government mandates and shifting market dynamics are making it difficult for many organizations to focus on core business functions while maintaining both compliance and a competitive edge. Thanks to our consistent focus on innovation, Premier Health Solutions can help these organizations evolve quickly to meet industry demands. We have invested in the latest systems and software to support our enrollment and administration functions. This infrastructure allows us to ensure the security, privacy and advanced features your members demand while quickly and easily adding new products to your benefit mix. This is just one example of how our focus on innovation will help your business maintain its profitability and industry leadership—now and in the future. Whether it is through innovative product offerings, state-of-the-art technology or turnkey business processes, we are continuously looking for new and better ways of serving our customers.


Our goal to provide best-in-class service extends to every organization and individual we touch—from agents and associations to members and their families. We believe our job is to make your job easier. We accomplish that by offering personalized service that is proactive, informative and effective. We also understand that you are trusting us with your most important asset—your customers. In return, we are dedicated to treating each individual with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Most importantly, we are focused on solving problems, finding answers and removing obstacles before they become an issue for your members.


At Premier Health Solutions, we are committed to assuring that you are comfortable with every action we take on your organization’s behalf—whether that is enrolling your members, negotiating pricing or reconciling billing. To accomplish this goal, we maintain open and honest communication with you every step of the way. We also provide advanced analytics and reporting so you can see the results of our efforts firsthand. Because we are so confident in the value of our solutions, we want to show you exactly how our products and services are impacting your membership base—and your bottom line.


Premier Health Solutions maintains an unwavering focus on promoting ethical business practices throughout every level of our organization. Our staff members undergo extensive training and have access to resources that support this objective. It is our job to oversee transactions that involve both financial and emotional investments on the part of members and institutions. Inherent to that function is a responsibility to make sure everything we do is not just legally compliant—but ethically responsible as well. While we have the industry accreditations and experience to meet your needs, we hold ourselves to even higher standards—we want to exceed every customer’s expectations. To achieve this, we make every effort to maintain a culture of openness and honesty. No detail is too small, and no interaction is excluded from our focus on integrity above all else. When we make a promise, we commit to deliver on it.


Develop relationships with thousands of consumers each week, providing valuable insight into consumer behavior and needs.


Associations & Small Businesses

Licensed administrator and general agency managing resource-intensive tasks around meeting all aspects of members needs.

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Our products include a variety of supplemental coverage, limited-benefit plans, discount cards, voluntary benefits and other value-added programs.


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