Connecting Agents to In-Demand, Industry-Leading Offerings

An evolving health insurance market creates abundant opportunities for agents and brokers with a sharp eye on the horizon - and the right strategic partner.

If you value:

  • More affordable, in-demand products to offer your clients
  • Highly competitive commissions
  • Greater stability in your income stream

Then Premier Health Solutions might be the answer.

At Premier Health Solutions, we keep an experienced eye on both the market and insurance products to identify and address niche opportunities with viable offerings. The portfolios we have assembled provide a more competitive product mix to offer your clients. We also continually monitor product performance to ensure our plans remain valuable and profitable.

It pays to partner with Premier Health Solutions.

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What Makes Premier Health Solutions the Superior Choice

Provide more affordable, competitive products for your clients; benefit from competitive commission plans; and gain greater stability in your income stream by partnering with Premier Health Solutions.

With our full-service capabilities, we provide the training and sales tools you need to increase your sales with innovative, industry-leading products.  And, with our extensive member support, including fulfillment, member portals, ongoing email communications and more, you can maintain a high level of satisfaction with your growing customer base.

Our comprehensive agent and broker capabilities at Premier Health Solutions can help you:

Increase your access to a competitive portfolio

Our extensive connections in the insurance industry create partnerships with A-rated, industry-recognized carriers that can help to build out your portfolio and grow your customer base.

Entrepreneurs, contractors and self-employed individuals rely on you to gain access to affordable health options.  Premier Health Solutions is continually creating new, competitive products underwritten by well-known carriers, so you can deliver solutions with confidence.

Through our market intelligence and years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to create plans customers want at the right price.

Benefit from complete commission services

We know that agents rely on their commissions – why else would you work so hard to take care of your clients? Because we are committed to the highest standards of excellence and transparency, we have a team specifically dedicated to overseeing commission payments. It’s their business to make sure your payment schedule is set up properly and that you are paid exactly what you are owed, exactly when it is due. No hassles, no headaches.

Our top-notch finance team at Premier Health Solutions maintains excellent internal controls to ensure timely and accurate payment of commissions. Our commitment to transparency and integrity also means scrupulous attention to bookkeeping and reporting.

Get access to the tools you need for success

We make it our business to provide all the resources, education and support you need to achieve your goals.

First, we work to ensure you have the proper licensing and appointments to sell health insurance products in your state. Second, we equip our agents with abundant training and time saving tools to excel in selling these specialized, in-demand products and services. These tools include:

  • A professional-looking and enticing individual website
  • An easy-to-use online member enrollment portal
  • Extensive information on all products and plan options
  • Approved and ready-to-use marketing materials

Once you have signed up new members, be assured that Premier Health Solutions takes great care of them. We provide expert fulfillment of all benefits materials and exemplary customer service for the best possible experience. This instills confidence and reinforces their relationship with you. Equally important, we have a dedicated broker support team always ready to assist you with any need or question.

Our Insurance Products

We connect you with the individuals and families who need your services. At Premier Health Solutions, we work with industry-leading carriers across the U.S. to help them expand their distribution channels.

We do this through a wide range of insurance products. Some are meant to supplement traditional plans. Others act as primary insurance for members.

We currently offer products such as:

We also offer non-insured products to make well-rounded packages for families and individuals with different budgets and needs.

These value-added benefits include:

  • Patient and medical advocacy services
  • Discount prescription programs
  • Telemedicine appointments
  • Direct-to-consumer lab services
  • Reduced radiology rates
  • Eye health benefits
  • And more

As an accredited administrator and managing general agent, we know how to develop rich benefits packages at competitive prices. By combining insured products with cost-saving benefits, members get more affordable and customized healthcare plans that work for them.

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