Our Services

Premier Health Solution’s unique and broad range of capabilities are highly attractive to insurance carriers and agents looking for a turnkey solution. Our agency services combined with our administrative services make Premier Health Solutions a differentiated leader in the healthcare industry.


Thanks to our consistent focus on innovation, Premier Health Solutions has invested in the latest systems and software to support our enrollment and administration functions. This infrastructure allows us to ensure the security, privacy and advanced features your members demand while quickly and easily adding new products to your benefit mix.


We provide a secure, member website for your members. During the enrollment process, members receive a welcome email containing all the information needed to log in. On the website, members can review their account and billing information, view and print a membership guide and temporary ID cards and learn how to utilize and maximize their benefits. Members will also receive a welcome letter and their official ID cards in the mail within 7-10 days. The member website serves as a source for the latest information and membership plan updates.

Premium Collection

We offer a single source of premium collection to simplify and streamline the member’s experience. Our industry leading processing gateway ensures safe and secure collection and distribution of premiums. Accepted forms of premium payment include all major credit cards and ACH bank drafts. Members are billed monthly on their effective anniversary date through an automated recurring billing schedule. We know you want a premium collection process that is easy and hassle free, and that is what we deliver.


At Premier Health Solutions, we are committed to assuring that you are comfortable with every action we take on your organization’s behalf. We provide advanced analytics and reporting so you can see the results of our efforts firsthand. Because we are so confident in the value of our solutions, we want to show you exactly how our products and services are impacting your membership base—and your bottom line.

Commission Payment

Our complete, full service commission management includes everything from calculation to funding to statement delivery. We offer competitive commission rates with fast, frequent and consistent commission payouts, which attracts top quality partners. We provide detailed statements in a variety of formats as support for each commission payout, as well as flexible funding options, enabling you to effortlessly keep track of your commissions. Our commissions team is always available to offer the assistance and support you need.

Customer Service

Our goal to provide best-in-class service extends to every individual we touch. We accomplish that by offering personalized service that is proactive and effective. We are dedicated to treating each individual with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Most importantly, we are focused on solving problems, finding answers and removing obstacles before they become an issue for your members.

Nurture Campaigns

We ensure your members are informed regarding how to utilize their benefits through association-branded nurture campaigns. Your members will receive periodic emails featuring specific programs, discounts or services, detailing how to use them and the benefits they provide. Our focus is to provide additional support for your members, enabling them to take full advantage of the valuable benefits included in their membership.


Premier Health Solutions maintains an unwavering focus on promoting ethical business practices throughout every level of our organization. Our staff members undergo extensive training and have access to resources that support this objective. It is our responsibility to make sure everything we do is not just legally compliant—but also ethically responsible. While PHS has the industry accreditations and experience to meet your needs, we hold ourselves to even higher standards by exceeding every customer’s expectations. No detail is too small, and no interaction is excluded from our focus on integrity.